(African Catch-all Federation) is an identity federation based in Africa and operated by the three Regional Research & Education Networks (UbuntuNet Alliance (East, Central and South Africa), WACREN (West Africa) and ASREN (North Africa)). The Federation aims at providing a continental workspace for users, services and institutions to get direct experience and gain familiarity with consuming and providing federated services and identities. The main goals of the federation are to:

Why (Who can) Join

  • Are you an institution formally registered in Africa and looking forward to collaborations within and/or outside Africa using federated identities?
  • Are you a Research and Education (R&E) related Service and/or Identity Provider willing to promote the adoption of Federated Identity Management (FIM) in Africa, with the purpose of promoting identity federations and eduGAIN in the continent.
  • Are you a service and/or identity provider who would benefit to join eduGAIN and FIM, and do not have a corresponding national identity federations?